Kevin Focht Still+Motion

The Studio



Studio in the heart of central eastside industrial district

My studio is located right off of the Marquam bridge at the Omsi exit. It's close to east, west, north, and south. The space is 2000 sq ft, and has a New York loft feel to it. 


There are roll up doors at both ends of the studio space and a 16 foot cyc. The doors face North and South, so there is lovely light weather permitting. 

There is a lounge/meeting area so clients and art directors have a place to hang out, and get that extra work done. I also have installed a flat screen tv that is connected  wirelessly to the shooting computer.  You never have to leave the lounge, as the images come up on the tv as we are shooting them.

There is also an off street parking lot, so no searching for a parking spot!!