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I've decided to add a personal blog area to my commercial site. I really have no idea how many people will read it, but i'm adding it for a very specific reason. I am way more than what people think I am.

I've been shooting fashion and people for so long, that not a lot of people know that I was a landscape and advertising photographer before i got into fashion. I was first published at 18, and had my first cover at that same age. It was a landscape shot. Fashion would come almost 10 years later.

I would like to be known as just a person who creates stunning imagery. I know that people like to put you in some sort of category, and I fed into that for decades. When people would ask what i did for a living, I would proudly say I was a fashion photographer. Now i just say a photographer, but people always want to know what category. I guess it's just human nature.

I am going to use this area of the site to hopefully show what sort of well rounded photographer I am. Personal projects are what this is all about. Things that I like, but may not have any use commercially. I'm ok with that. 

So please enjoy, and let me know what you think. I'm really looking forward to this. because I want to show everyone all that I can do and create.


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