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Implied Motion


Early in my career, one of the frustrations was capturing motion. My original intent was to go into video in college, but in my youthful intelligence I decided radio broadcasting was my path.  Not the best choice, so I moved on to graphic design and photography.

My problem is that I see movement, and not still. It's always been a problem. I want to see the movement that my human eyes see.

I started playing with ways to imply movement. For a full year of my career I shot medium format, but only at a 1/30th of a second. I loved the slightly out of focus feel. I just looked more natural to me. Clients on the other hand sometimes had an issue with it, so back to tack sharp images.

I kept playing with long shutter speeds. Panning, on a tripod letting the movement come to me. It didn't matter, just some way to imply movement.


With the advent of digital, it opened up a whole new realm. In the past, I would try something and then have to wait until the film got back to see if it worked. Now it's instant. I can play and see if what I am doing is making me look like a genius, or and complete fool. 

Another great addition to todays digitals, is the multiple exposure opportunities. It's built into mid and higher end cameras and creates a lovely way to imply motion.

Video is on the horizon for me, just trying to figure out my voice with it.

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